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Future postgraduates

Are you a postgraduate student considering study at the School of Environment?

Here you can take a look at the wide array of degrees and qualifications offered in the school, find out about life in the school as a postgraduate and learn how to enrol and who to contact if you need any advice.

We offer postgraduate students a huge range of resources, facilities and subject choices. We welcome you joining us.



Postgraduate study options

Read more detailed information about our postgraduate programmes and the courses we have available.

Admission and enrolment

Find out key information about enrolment and admission into our undergraduate programmes in the School of Environment.

Research topics

Select your postgraduate thesis topic from our diverse range of research projects, and get inspired by the projects other students are currently working on.

Scholarships and awards

Find out about the scholarships and awards you may apply for.


Find out more about career opportunities in Geography, Geology, Environmental Science and Environmental Management.

Academic advisors

Our School of Environment staff can help you decide on your course of study.

Our students and graduates

Meet our students and graduates and find out why our students choose to study with us and what they say about the experience.

Health and safety

The School of Environment is committed to providing a safe working environment and consistently work towards maintaining high standards of safety.

Applying for human ethics approval

Read the School of Environment information about the human ethics approval process for postgraduate research projects.

Life on campus

Find out more about what life is like as a student at the University of Auckland.