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The School of Environment is the place to study and research in Geography, Earth Sciences (Geology), Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Geophysics and Geographic Information Science.

The eternally erupting volcano

Ben Simons has been researching Yasur volcano in Vanuatu, which has been erupting for around 1500 years. His work will help us understand volcanic dynamics and help locals better prepare for living near Yasur.

Take 10 with Jennifer Salmond

Associate Professor Jennifer Salmond, from the School of Environment, gives us 10 minutes of her time to discuss her research about how risks associated with poor air quality can be reduced.

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We’re much more than just New Zealand’s top ranked science faculty. We are a diverse collaborative community, full of budding scientists ready to help you discover your passion and what makes you tick.

Our research and teaching addresses the earth surface and subsurface, climate, social, economic and cultural processes that shape our world. Learn more by visiting Our school.