School of Environment

Field Trip Information 2017

Some courses require students to participate in field trips throughout the year.

EARTHSCI 201: Earth Science

Three 1-hour lectures and one 3-hour lab per week, plus three compulsory field trips - 1 day, 5-6 days, 2 days - run over weekends and teaching breaks. Dates to be advised.

EARTHSCI 260: Earth Science

One 2-hour lecture and one 3-hour laboratory per week, plus compulsory field trip: Sunday 10th September to Saturday 16th September

EARTHSCI 780: Advanced Field Earth Sciences

An advanced field-based course in geological and earth surface processes. This will be held at a field station in New Zealand. Students will be exposed to terrains and techniques that build on their undergraduate field studies. Students will undertake semi-independent fieldwork such as terrain and geologic mapping, and reconstruct a 500 million history of New Zealand

ENVSCI 733: Biodiversity Management and Conservation

Taught as a 3-day intensive course (26-28 April)

ENVSCI 737: Applied Terrestrial Ecology

Taught as a 6-day field trip (9-14 April), plus two half-day session: 5 April pre-field trip, and 9 May post-field trip.

ENVSCI 702: Applied Estuarine Ecology

Taught as a 1-week block including a field trip (25 June-1 July 2017)

GEOG 250: Geographical Research in Practice

One 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour lecture per week, plus one 2-hour lab per week; and a 1-day field trip on either Friday 7 or Saturday 8 April, 2017

GEOG 315: Research Design and Methods in Human Geography

One 2-hour lecture and a 2-hour tutorial per week, plus two residential field trips: Thursday 3 and Friday 4 August; and during the mid-semester break - either 4-7 September or 11-14 September. Accommodation and transport will be provided, although there will be a fee to cover food costs.

GEOG 745: Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

One 2-hour lecture each week for the first five weeks followed by a field trip (7-10 April inclusive)

GEOG 746: Applied Coastal Geomorphology

One 2-hour lecture each week for the first five weeks followed by a field trip in the mid-semester break and 2-hour laboratories in weeks 7-11