School of Environment

Our undergraduate courses

The School of Environment offers an array of courses, degrees and qualifications across both the Arts and the Science Faculties. We aim to enhance understanding and management of the human and bio-physical environment. In this section our courses are listed according to subject and then level of study.

School staff are also involved with other University departments in a number of related undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programmes. At undergraduate level we recommend students consider combining these related courses with their degrees in Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography or Geophysics. We also offer courses within the Foundation Studies (formerly Wellesley) Programme. This is a pre-degree programme for those who left school without gaining adequate university entrance qualifications.

  • Summer School courses

    Summer school is a great time to catch up on courses or get ahead in your programme.

  • Foundation courses in Geography

    If you lack the grades to gain admission to study at the School of Environment, successful completion of the Tertiary Foundation Certificate Programme will enable you to apply for university.

  • Earth Sciences Courses

    Earth Sciences is a new subject major in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. It replaces Geology and combines courses in Physical Geography.

  • Environmental Science courses

    Environmental Science is available as a second major in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

  • Geography courses

    At the School of Environment, Geography may be taken as a subject major in either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees.

  • Geophysics courses

    Geophysics may be taken as a subject Major in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. It includes courses in Earth Sciences, Geography and Physics.

  • General Education courses

    The General Education programme is a distinct feature of The University Auckland's undergraduate degrees. Students can include two courses outside of their main field of study.

  • Science General courses

    Find out about our undergraduate courses designed to teach students how to apply specialist knowledge in a real-world working environment. These papers complement all science majors and specialisations.