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Sedimentology and Particle Analysis

Rocks and pebbles


The Sedimentology and Particle Analysis facilities provide space and equipment for non-chemical handling, preparation, and analysis of sediments and soils mainly in support of our research programs studying coastal/fluvial processes and geomorphology, marine sedimentology, and volcanic geology.

Analytical and Preparation Facilities



Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Laser Diffraction Particle Analyser with Hydro G Dispersion Unit

Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Laser Diffraction Particle Analyser with Hydro G Dispersion Unit

Measures particle size between 0.02 and 2000 micron. Ideal for studying sediments from clay to sand size. Only small sample volumes usually required (a few grams) which can be introduced wet or dry into the Hydro G wet dispersion unit. Some preparation may be necessary depending on the application.

Can be operated independently with a little training.



Rapid Settling Analyser

Rapid Settling Analyser (RSA)

A 1.75m settling tube which measures particle settling over time which can be calculated to a settling velocity distribution and a size distribution using Gibbs equation. An MS Excel based programme (SedRep) has been developed in-house to provide fully calculated, tabulated and graphical output of results. Best used for sand sized fractions from 63 to 2000 micron but has been used for fine gravel size ranges. Sample sizes of approximately 2 tablespoons (wet or dry) are required - no preweighing necessary.




Sieve Analysis

We have many test sieves available, mostly in the 63 micron (4 phi) to 16mm (-4 phi) size fractions, two dry sieve shakers, one wet sieve shaker, as well as all the associated facilities needed for washing, drying, and weighing.



Bartington MS2 magnetic susceptibility system

Bartington MS2 magnetic susceptibility system

We have a Bartington MS2 meter with a comprehensive array of magnetic susceptibility sensors, including;


  • MS2B dual frequency sensor (for 10ml sediment or rock samples)
  • MS2C core scanner (for 60mm diameter cores)
  • MS2E core logging sensor (for high resolution measurements of cores)
  • MS2F surface point probe and handle for field point measurements



Elecfurn muffle furnace

Elecfurn muffle furnace ("Spartacus")

A fully programmable 38L muffle furnace with heating up to 1100oC. Mainly used for Loss on Ignition (LoI) analysis of sediment samples.



Frantz Magnetic Separators

Frantz Magnetic Separators

We have 2 units (L-1 and LB-1) which are used to separate and sort dry granular materials according to their magnetic susceptibility.


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