Research into Kauri Sap Flow

15 July 2013

The medieval town of Ghent, Belgium

Cate Mcinnis-Ng attended the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow in Ghent, Belgium on 4th to 7th June where she presented a talk on the first output from the kauri sap flow research being conducted at Huapai.

In this research Cate compared rates of sap flow for wet and dry summers. Sap flow rates were much higher when soil moisture was plentiful. There was a strong relationship between vapour pressure deficit and sap flow during both summers but the slope of this relationship was not as steep when soil moisture was scarce, suggesting stomatal control of water loss from leaves. Further details can be found at

Kauri stem water storage volumes are amongst the largest in the world due to massive stem diameters and deep active xylem. This may be an important mechanism for drought avoidance in mature trees.

The workshop was held in a 12th century monastery which was built around the same time some of many of Cate's sample trees were seedlings.