Dr Neville Hudson

PhD, MSc(Hons), BSc

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Manager, Paleontology Collect


  • Geological Collections and Off-site Collection store
  • Collection catalogues & databases,
  • Paleontology Preparation facility,
  • Support for Paleontology research and teaching,
  • New Zealand Fossil Record File Masterfile Curator (Northern North Island - http://www.fred.org.nz/)


  • Sample curation
  • Fossil preparation
  • Paleontology
  • Collection Catalogue databases
  • Molluscan Systematics (Identifying and classifying modern and fossil molluscs)
  • Insect Systematics (Identifying and classifying insects)
  • Jurassic Fossils, Jurassic Biostratigraphy (Expert on identifying New Zealand Jurassic Molluscs and using them to date the rocks they are found in)
  • Fossil identification

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Challinor, B., & Hudson, N. (2017). Early and Middle Jurassic belemnites of New Zealand. EARLY AND MIDDLE JURASSIC BELEMNITES OF NEW ZEALAND, 50, 1-69.