Mr Ahmad Fauzi Ismayanto

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


  • 2014 - Present : Phd Student in Geology, University of Auckland
  • 2006 - Present : Geoscientist (on leave), Research Center for Geotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI)
  • 2001 - 2006    : Exploration Geologist, Exploration Division, PT. Geoservices (Ltd.) 

Research | Current

My research topic is "Tectonic and Structural Control on Heat and Mass Transfer in West Java with Implications for Geothermal Exploration and Development". The research is aimed to develop the conceptual models of tectonic and structural controls on heat and mass transfer as manifested by young active volcanoes and geothermal systems in West Java. The construction of the model will be based on 1) the role of tectonic architecture and structural control in localising the heat and mass transfer at regional, district and local scales, and 2) the interplay between structure, stress and hydrothermal fluid flow in West Java.

The expected output of the research is a refined understanding of tectonic and structures role, on the localisation of heat and mass transfer within continental arcs in general, and within West Java in particular. Hopefully, This work will contribute in the development of exploration concepts of geothermal fields in Java and elsewhere.  


New Zealand - ASEAN scholarship

Areas of expertise

Structural Geology, Earth Resources Exploration, Geological Remote Sensing Analysis and GIS, Geological Modelling