The Dorothy Urlich-Cloher School of Environment

PGDipSci in Environmental Science

At postgraduate level, Environmental Science is the interdisciplinary, applied scientific study of natural and managed environments. The central philosophy is that environmental science provides the knowledge to enable society to sustainably manage the environment, through education and research.

The postgraduate programme in Environmental Science is well established, and well recognised by employers. It has been running for more than 10 years, with over 400 graduates.

The programme includes aspects of environmental effects assessment and monitoring, water quality, air quality, freshwater and terrestrial ecology, environment restoration, sustainable management of ecosystems, rare species management, biodiversity monitoring, pest invasions and risk assessment. The application of your existing science skills and the scientific approach to environmental problem solving is emphasised.

Although often leading directly onto a Master of Science (MSc), the Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) is also a well recognised qualification in its own right. It is often completed alone by students who may already have postgraduate qualifications in a related field but need an environmental qualification. The schedule of studies can be designed to suit a student’s personal situation and requirements.

The complementary programme in Environmental Management enables Environmental Science students to interact with and explore a greater diversity of environmental expertise; including Law, Economics, Environmental planning, Policy, Resource Management and Community Conservation approaches.


Environmental Science Postgraduate Adviser

Entry requirements

The entry requirement for the PGDipSci in Environmental Science is a BSc in any related discipline, for example, but not limited to: Geography, Geology, Biology, Environmental Chemistry. To be considered eligible for entry to the PGDipSci (Environmental Science) students must have at least C+ average in their best five courses at Stage III. You do not need to have completed the undergraduate Environmental Science major offered by the University of Auckland. You do not even need to have taken any Environmental Science undergraduate courses, although normally an interest in the environment would mean that you would have had some exposure to Environmental Science at an undergraduate level.

Students who wish to continue their study after a PGDipSci can apply for the MSc programme. To gain entry to the MSc, an average grade of "B-" or above must be attained in PGDip Sci or an equivalent qualification. Contact the Environmental Science Postgraduate Adviser.