School of Environment

MSc and MA

We offer one and two-year programmes for students wanting to study for a Masters of Science or Arts.

Programmes available

The School of Environment offers Masters programmes in:

  • Earth Sciences (MSc)
  • Environmental Management (MSc)
  • Environmental Science (MSc)
  • Geography (MSc and MA)
  • Geophysics (MSc)

The Master of Science or Arts degree is normally taken as a one-year (full-time) programme for students who have completed a Postgraduate Diploma or Honours Degree in the appropriate subject, or an equivalent.  These are research degrees and require the successful completion of a 120 point thesis.

The Master of Science or Arts degree may also be taken as a two-year (full-time) programme following a BSc or BA in which the first year consists of taught courses (as in a Postgraduate Diploma) and the second year includes the research thesis.

Both degrees may also be taken on a part-time basis.

Thesis topics may be drawn from a wide range of areas and are chosen in consultation with a supervisor and the appropriate postraduate programme adviser. All students who are intending to enrol in the Masters Programme are encouraged to consult the appropriate postgraduate adviser for their programme of study.


Admission criteria

For Master of Science
A completed BSc (Hons) or Postgraduate Diploma in Science in the appropriate subject, or equivalent. You will need to have achieved a GPA of 4 - which is equivalent to a B- average.

For Master of Arts
A completed BA (Hons) or Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in the appropriate subject, or equivalent. You will need to have achieved a GPA of 4 - which is equivalent to a B- average.

All students will also need the approval of a supervisor for your proposed thesis project. Before you commence enrolment you should discuss your options with the postgraduate adviser for your programme and potential supervisers. It is important to commence discussions about your project well in advance of applying to the masters programme.


Course enrolment codes

  • EARTHSCI 796A and 796B: Earth Sciences Masters Thesis
  • ENVMGT 796A and 796B: Environmental Management Masters Thesis
  • ENVSCI 796A and 796B: Environmental Science Masters Thesis
  • GEOG 796A and 796B: Geography Masters Thesis
  • GEOPHYS 796A and 796B: Geophysics Masters Thesis

Masters enrolment forms

The following forms must be filled out and signed by a supervisor prior to final enrolment in the Masters programme:

Also see, postgraduate students non-doctoral forms for further information.