The Dorothy Urlich-Cloher School of Environment


General Lab Safety

Before using any of our workshops or labs, please make sure you read and understand our School of Environment Lab and Workshop Induction Booklet which is attached. These rules are designed to maintain safe and productive workspaces for our users.

Before commencing with your work, discuss your intended lab activities with the respective Technician in charge. They will be able to co-ordinate your activity with other lab users and provide you with any specific safety information.


Earth Science Processing (ESP) Laboratory

The ESP lab is our main rock and wood processing facility with machines that have specific training requirements. All ESP lab users are required to complete a safety induction to be approved access and then undergo further training for their specific needs.

Cardinal Rules for the ESP Lab

  1. Nobody is permitted to work in the ESP lab without completing a Lab Safety Induction with signed approval from the Technician in charge
  2. ESP lab users may only work on equipment they are trained and approved to use
  3. ESP lab users must work in accordance with the safety procedures and training provided
  4. Those who have not completed an induction may enter the ESP lab only when accompanied and supervised by the Technician in charge or fully inducted ENV staff member
  5. All work must be approved by the Technician in Charge
  6. Only technical staff are permitted to undertake repairs and maintenance
  7. Always report any defective equipment or potentially dangerous conditions

Technician in Charge - ESP Lab

Andres Arcila
Ext: 87417


Chemical Laboratories

The School has three HSNO-exempt laboratories used specifically for chemical preparation and analysis of environmental and geological samples and materials. All users must complete a 3 hour safety induction session to be granted access to these labs or undertake any work which involves handling chemicals or hazardous substances.

Safety induction process

  1. Contact the Technician in charge to register for a Safety Induction
  2. Complete the pre-induction reading (given below)
  3. Attend a Safety Induction, lab tour, and practical session (usually provided in the first week of each month)
  4. Complete and pass an on-line quiz in your own time (you must attain 18/20 or better to pass)
  5. Get final sign of from the Technical Manager or Technician in charge

Safety induction - Pre-reading and material

Please note that you will be issued with a full hard copy of these readings when you receive your Lab Safety Folder. Please consider the environment before you print this material.


Chemical Laboratories Induction
Download and view (869.1 kB, PDF)


YouTube video - To be (Safe) or not to be (University of California San Diego) - 9mins

YouTube video - Material Data Safety Sheets (Coastal Training Technologies Corp.) - 18min

YouTube Video - Responding to Incidental Chemical Spills (Northwestern University) - 5min

Technician in Charge - Chemical Labs

Natalia Abrego
Ext: 82433


X-Ray centre

The X-ray Centre provides users with the opportunity to generate both qualitative and quantitative data of powdered crystalline materials using state-of-the-art  X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) instruments, respectively.

Our technical and academic experts are available for consultation on new experimental designs using the XRD or the XRF.

  • How to use the X-ray Centre:
    • All bookings including training, sample preparation and the use of X-ray equipment, are to be made in iLab, under the View Equipment Availability tab above
    • View the schedule of the service you wish to use and then propose a time on the equipment calendar, adding any additional services you need using the electronic form provided
    • With the exception of users contracting the services of the X-ray Centre staff, safety training and sample preparation training must be undertaken before using the sample preparation lab or any X-ray equipment.  To request operational or X-ray safety training, use the Initiate Training request in the View Equipment Availability tab above
    • Centre staff will propose a quote to you which, when agreed, will allow the work to begin
    • University of Auckland users must provide a project code to charge the work to and external users must provide a purchase order before work will commence
  • Technician in charge
X-Ray centre induction
Download and view (2.4 MB, PDF)

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