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Environmental Management

Environmental Management is a set of policy, regulatory, advocacy and market based mechanisms which transform human behaviour to achieve society’s goals for the environment.

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Environmental Management is only offered as a named degree at postgraduate level where it enables students with strong disciplinary skills to gain the understanding and critical thinking skills required to become environmental stewards, policy makers and managers. Consequently, our programmes emphasise the application of your existing knowledge to environmental problem solving.

While Environmental Management is not offered as a named degree at undergraduate level, courses in Resource Management and related concepts are offered in the Geography Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes and in the Environmental Science Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme. After developing your disciplinary interest during your undergraduate studies, a postgraduate diploma and masters in Environmental Management are available at the graduate level.

Postgraduate study in Environmental Management

The postgraduate programmes in Environmental Management were established in 2003, but they reflect a much longer commitment to environmental inquiry within Geography and Environmental Science programmes at The University of Auckland.

Course work as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Environmental Management) includes consideration of applied ecology, systems approaches, sustainable development, social and cultural drivers, economics, participatory processes, policy and governance. In addition, you may take courses from a range of associated disciplines including Environmental Science, Geography, Planning, Law, Biology, Politics, Community Health and Development Studies.


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