The Dorothy Urlich-Cloher School of Environment

Engineering Geology

Testing equipment

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
Point Load Tester Point Load Tester
Casagrande Liquid Limit Tester
Schmidt Hammer

Lab equipment

  • Point load tester - used to determine uniaxial compressive strength of soft to hard rock materials.
  • Cone indenter - provides estimate of unconfined compressive strength for weak and very weak fine grained rocks.
  • Slake durability apparatus - measures the susceptibility of a rock to weathering due to cyclic wetting and drying.
  • Cone penetrometer - also used for determining the liquid limit of a soil.
  • Casagrande apparatus - used to determine the liquid limit of a soil.
  • Shear box - a lab based instrument used to determine the shear strength of intact soil samples.

Field testing equipment

  • Proctor Penetrometer, Spring Type - a field instrument for testing the relationship between moisture and penetration resistance.
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer - used to provide a measure of the in-situ strength of finegrained and weakly cemented materials.
  • Pocket penetrometer - used to indicate iconsistency and unconfined compressive strength of saturated cohesive soils.
  • Shear vane - gives an indication of in-situ undrained shear strength of fine grained clays and silts or other fine particulated geomaterials such as mine tailings.
  • Schmidt hammer - The schmidt hammer rebound device helps determining the compressive strength of rocks.
  • Field shear box - used to determine the in-situ shear strength of soils.

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