The Dorothy Urlich-Cloher School of Environment

Environmental sampling

Freeze coring at Lake Kawaupaku


We have specialised equipment for the sampling of numerous environments to support research in geology, geomorphology, and environmental change.

Sediment sampling

UWITEC coring at Lake Pupuke, Auckland

UWITEC deep water corer (ARRIVING DECEMBER 2014)

A deep water coring system used to obtain sediment cores from lake, harbour and other marine settings in water depths of up to 140 m. The potential length of sediment core that can be collected from any site is 24 m (depending on sediment type and consolidation).

Vibrocoring in the Bay of Plenty


A simple and portable motorised coring system for extracting relatively undisturbed 75mm diameter cores up to 6m in length. This land based corer is used most often in unconsolidated sedimentary settings such as estuaries and estuarine margins but struggles in gravel or unsaturated dune sand materials.

Freeze coring at Lake Kawaupaku, West Auckland

Freeze corer

Used to sample finely stratified sediments in very soft sedentary environments such as lakes.

Eijkelkamp kit

Eijkelkamp handheld corers and augers

We have a set of manual gouge augers (20mm, 30mm, & 60mm) and 38mm diameter piston corers which are designed for sampling soft sedimentary environments up to depths of 5 to 7 metres in 0.5 or 1.0 metre increments.

Dormer augers

Dormer augers

We have a number of sets of Dormer augers which are used to sample loose muddy, sandy, and gravel settings.

Box corer

Box corer

Is designed for extracting intact surficial samples up to 20cm depth from a boat in shallow marine settings up to 2m water depth.

Ekman grab sampler

Wildco Ekman bottom grab sampler

A spring-loaded grab sampler (150mm x 150mm x 150mm) usually lowered from a boat by string-line and activated by a stainless steel messenger. Used to the top layers of soft sediments.

D-section corer

D-section corer

Also called a peat corer, this allows for sampling of a virtually undisturbed 50mm diameter core up to 40cm in length from a discrete depth range.


Helley Smith bedload sampler

A handheld catch net usually used to sample sand-sized bedload (>100um) in stream flow.


Krauss sediment traps

Used for stratified sampling of suspended sediment load (>100um) in bi-directional flow environments (e.g., swash zones or tidal inlets).


Water Sampling


USDH-48 Depth integrating suspended sediment sampler

A handheld device used for representative sampling of suspended sediment load in streamflow. Captures samples in a 400ml bottle.

Vertical Beta water sampler

A spring-loaded wide mouth water sampler designed for sampling at depth by string-line activated by a stainless steel messenger.


Ecological sampling

Electrofishing to capture native galaxiids and invasive brown trout as part of a stream restoration research project in Otago.

NIWA EFM300 Electric fishing machine

The EFM is a battery powered backpack unit operated in-stream to allow live fish capture for fish population surveys.

Users must be certified EFM operators.  

Kick nets

Surber stream bottom samplers


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