School of Environment

Facilities and Resources

  • Environmental Chemistry

    The School of Environment facilities is set up for the preparation and analysis of numerous chemical parameters in water, sediment, soils, and organic material.

  • Environmental Sampling and Measurement

    School of Environment field equipment used for measurement of physical and chemical parameters in the air, land and water.

  • Terrain Measurement and Analysis

    Field based research at the School of Environment is supported by a comprehensive inventory of spatial and geophysical survey equipment.

  • Material Preparation and Testing

    Rock, soil, sediment, and wood samples are processed and tested in the School of Environment Earth Science Processing facility, Sedimentology lab, and Particle Analysis lab.

  • Vehicles and Craft

    A minibus, gear van, 4WD ute, quad bike, two boats, and trailers allow us to reach a variety of field sites for School of Environment research and teaching.

  • Geological collections

    The School of Environment owns five different geological collections which are used for teaching and research.