School of Environment


The School of Environment has local and international professional and disciplinary linkages. These linkages and networks contribute to a strong sense of the community that the School of Environment is part of.

There are a number of agencies with which the School of Environment has professional linkages. These relationships are built upon collaborative research projects and a flow of personnel and expertise. In addition to those listed below, a large number of research projects at any given time will also involve associations with a variety of external organisations.

IUCN - Invasive Species Specialist Group

The Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) which is chaired by Professor Mick Clout is based in the School at the Tāmaki Campus. The ISSG, which is part of The World Conservation Union (IUCN) aims to reduce threats to natural ecosystems and the native species they contain by increasing awareness of invasions and ways to prevent, control or eradicate them.

The group has six fulltime and one part time staff.

For further information please contact:

Carola Warner
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85210


The New Zealand Geographical Society

The New Zealand Geographical Society (NZGS) is the professional society concerned with promoting Geography in New Zealand. The 'New Zealand Geographer' is now published three times a year by Wiley-Blackwell and includes Research Articles, Geo-News, Geo-Ed and Book Reviews.

At the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Society in Auckland, Auckland Branch members receiving awards are Professor Robin Kearns (NZGS Distinguished Geographer - Medal); Dr David Hayward (NZGS Distinguished Service Award); Hayley Sparks (Best Masters Thesis in Geography); and Thomas Etherington (Best PhD thesis in Geography).

NZGS organises a biennial Geography conference, the 2012 conference being held in Napier and the 2014 combined Australia/New Zealand conference was held with the AIG in Melbourne, Australia.

The NZGS Auckland Branch activities now include monthly 'Geography Dialogues with Wine'. Past discussions have been entitled 'Is Physical Geography at a Dead End? - a student perspective' and 'In Defence of Discipline: articulating the value of Geography in an inter/trans/post-disciplinary world'. The winner of the Auckland Branch 'Innovative Field Trip Competition' for secondary school Geography teachers will open the discussion about field work at the October Dialogues session.

For more information about the NZGS Auckland Branch or to read the monthly branch newsletter, visit the NZGS website.

For further information and membership details please contact:

June Logie, Auckland Branch Secretary
Phone:    +64 9 373 7955 Ext 88464
Mobile:    021 2654693



Auckland Geography Teachers Association

This organisation promotes links between the New Zealand Geographical Society and Geography departments in universities and schools. The School of Environment has a staff member who sits on the AGTA Board.


Geoscience Society of New Zealand

The Geoscience Society of New Zealand Incorporated is the national professional body of geoscientists (amalgamating former societies for geologists, geophysicists and geochemists), which mainly includes practicing professionals, recent graduates and students.

The national organisation has a local Auckland branch. For more information please contact:

The society produces three newsletters per year, administers multiple awards and scholarships, and runs an annual scientific Geosciences conference, rotating to different locations around New Zealand. In addition, the Auckland branch advises members of lectures and events by email. Membership is NZ$35 per year for students and NZ$80 per year for ordinary members (payment to be made before 31st July).

For more information please visit the Geoscience Society of New Zealand website.


New Zealand Geotechnical Society Incorporated

The New Zealand Geotechnical Society is a technical group of the Institution of Professional Engineers, it holds meetings at frequent intervals in the evenings, in the School of Engineering. These are of interest to a wide audience including engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, planners, contractors and more. Geology graduates are most welcome, and several have joined the society in recent years. See Warwick Prebble for further information.