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Welcome to the School of Environment which comprises a team of more than 45 academics, 20 highly qualified professional staff and a lively postgraduate and undergraduate community all of whom are focused on achieving excellence in research, teaching, learning and service to our community of stakeholders.

See how we rank in the world in Environmental Science, Earth Science and Geography:

  • Welcome from the Head of School

    Professor Paul Kench welcomes you to the School of Environment.

  • Health and safety

    Health and Safety is important to the School of Environment. Browse this page to find out more.

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    Contact details for the School of Environment.

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    Read more about the School of Environment local and international professional and disciplinary linkages.

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    Find out about the range of subjects taught at the School of Environment.

  • Facilities and Resources

    The School of Environment facilities is set up for the preparation and analysis of numerous chemical parameters in water, sediment, soils, and organic material.

  • ENVoices

    Our annual magazine that provides a restrospective on the years achievements.