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Welcome to the School of Environment which comprises a team of more than 45 academics, 20 highly qualified professional staff and a lively postgraduate and undergraduate community all of whom are focused on achieving excellence in research, teaching, learning and service to our community of stakeholders.

Welcome from the Head of School

Associate Professor Julie Rowland, Head of School, School of Environment
Associate Professor Julie Rowland

The School of Environment (ENV) is home to a vibrant group of students, academics and professional staff who pursue a diverse range of interests in the social and natural worlds in which we live.

ENV offers interdisciplinary programmes in Earth Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Environmental Change, as well as internationally recognised disciplinary programmes in Geography, Geology, Geophysics and Geographical Information Science. Our students have opportunities to combine elements of both into their programmes.

Academic staff have diverse research interests including ecosystem ecology, social entrepreneurship, indigenous environmental values, coral reef formation, engineering geology, marine geoscience, climate change, volcanic hazards and more.

They are well connected to international research networks and make significant contributions to cutting-edge global debates, commonly working together with graduate students. Our academics also work closely alongside community groups, government, iwi, industry and other New-Zealand based researchers to address contemporary issues and inform decision makers.

All this reflects our deep commitment to relevance and excellence in teaching and research, and to serving our wider communities.

We are proud of the diversity within our School and the way we are able to convert our expertise into an array of exciting courses for students. We are also proud of our students, who routinely exceed expectations at university and go on to succeed in a range of arenas.
I invite you to find out more about us and to join us in our efforts to understand the social and natural worlds in which we live.

If you would like guidance on course selection and content for our taught programmes please do not hesitate to get in touch with our undergraduate (BA/BSc) or postgraduate taught (PGDipSci, PGDipArts, BA(Hons), BSc (Hons)) programme advisers.

If you are interested in postgraduate research (Masters and PhD) please contact our Masters Coordinator (Masters applicants) or our Head of Postgraduate Research (PhD applicants).

If you would like to know more about our research we invite you to explore the research contributions of individual staff and/or our six interdisciplinary research themes: Earth Systems and Resources, Contested Environments, Globalising Processes, Living with Environmental Change, Pacific Futures and Urban Dynamics.

If seeking research consultancy services then please get in touch with me in the first instance.

Associate Professor Julie Rowland
Head of School


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