School of Environment

Population, Mobilities and Wellbeing

Movement is central to human existence, whether it be literal travel or metaphorical journeys. This theme reflects scholarship within the School that investigates the changing nature of population dynamics and the multiple determinants of wellbeing viewed – at least implicitly - through the lens of mobility. Work within the theme generally draws on contemporary geographical theory and adopts pluralistic methods. Members of this theme are asking questions such as how population dynamics and experience of health and wellbeing are shaped by mobility and, in turn, influence the nature of place, and vice versa (how the characteristics of places influence populations and outcomes for human livelihood and wellbeing).





Our research topics

  • Nation and Migration: population mobilities, desires and state practices in 21st century New Zealand  
  • Neighbourhoods for Active Kids, as part of Kids in the City 
  • Enabling participation for children with disabilities  
  • The camp and camping: transient spaces & practices
  • Imprisonment and Disasters  
  • HOPE for DRR (Homeless People for Disaster Risk Reduction)
  • Demographic, ethnic and socio-economic change
  • Financialisation and the welfare state  


Key staff