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PhD research

Our PhD students undertake research in a variety of areas across the three disciplines of Geology, Geography and Environmental Science.

Current PhD Research topics





Paleoecology and ancient DNA of the kakapo Strigops habroptilus
Boast, Alexander Janet Wilmshurst
George Perry
Community forest management in the Bungo District, Jambi, Indonesia: Participatory video and
Communities' aspirations for forest management
Carvalho, Suria Brad Coombes
Shuchi Kothari
Ecological Offsetting: The Dilemmas of Conservation Subdivision Croft, Chad Brad Coombes
Luitgard Schwendenmann
Machine learning modelling of shoreline dynamics De Albuquerque, Joao Giovanni Coco
Paul Kench
Diversifying Environmental Justice: Understanding the complex relationship between indigenous communities and energy companies
Edwards, Andrea Brad Coombes
Ann Bartos 
Reconstruction of the nature and drivers of Holocene environmental change from Northern New Zealand
Evans, Gianna Paul Augustinus
Philip Shane
The social construction of wind energy in China and New Zealand: Development and perceptions in the political culture context Gonnelli, Claudia Hong-Key Yoon
Karen Fisher
Julie MacArthur
River landscape pattern and functional changes in upper reaches of Yellow River through past 50 years. Han, Meiqin Gary Brierley
Karen Fisher
Metacommunity structure and connectivity in dendritic networks Lee, Finnbar George Perry
Kevin Simon
Plant functional traits and ecosystem functioning in alpine Kobresia meadows in the Sanjiangyan region Li, Xiaoqing Luitgard Schwendenmann
Gavin Lear
Iris Vogeler
Evolution of reef islands in the South Maldives and sedimentological controls on island development Liang, Christine Paul Kench
Murray Ford
Developing an approach to integrated indigenous and western world views: A case study of coastal marine spatial planning
Makey, Leane Brad Coombes
Gary Brierley
Coastal modelling and numerical analysis of nearshore wave transformation and morphological feedback on eroding coasts by sea-level rise Matsumoto, Hironori Mark Dickson
Michael Walkden
What are the problems with "science" being used to protect public health from any adverse effects
associated with aquaculture?
McCoubrey, Dorothy-Jean Nick Lewis
Susan Owen
Angelo DePaolo
Heating up eco-evolutionary interactions: does rising temperature drive evolution of animal role in ecosystem function? Moffett, Emma Kevin Simon
George Perry
Potential of biogas technology in climate change and gender mitigation , adaptation and rural livelihood imporvements in small scale dairy farmers in Kisii county, Kenya Munga, Hyrine Brad Coombes
Andreas Neef
Saeed Mutta Mwaguni
People's Participation in Forest Protection and Rehabilitation: A case study of the National Greening Program in the Philippines Ocampo, Josefina JC Gaillard
Karen Fisher
Maria Ortega-Espaldon
Ecosystem services and land-use and cover change modelling in multi-functional landscapes Powers , Breanna George Perry
Gary Brierley
Taking off blinders to look at the “other side”: Understanding opponents in a scientific controversy Romlee, Noor Karen Fisher
Meg Parsons
Children with disability during disaster focusing on NZ; their vulnerability and their potential contribution to disaster risk reduction Ronoh, Steve JC Gaillard
Jay Marlowe
Species based conservation programs with social development components Selby/Rutledge, Megan Brad Coombes
Nicholas Maolne
Volcanic hazards and determining their effects on air quality, fertility of nearby agricultural soil and the consolidated effect on growing crops Sivarajan, Seethal Jan Lindsay
Luitgard Schwendenmann
Thomas Wilson, Shane Cronin
The Interaction Between the Business Models and Environmental Strategies for New Media Technologies and Services Suonio, Enni Brad Coombes
David Hayward
Dynamics of mangrove forest cover and carbon stock assessment in Auckland New Zealand Suyadi, Suyadi Luitgard Schwendenmann
Jay Gao
Carolyn Lundquist
Plant functional traits and ecosystem functioning in alpine Kobresia meadows in the Sanjiangyan region Xu, Bingqin Kevin Simon
George Perry
KAI TOKA KOE TUVALU MO TAU AOFAGA? Understanding local-scale differences in biophysical and social
vulnerability, in response to cyclones and droughts in small atoll nations: A case study of Tuvalu
Resture, Alan Paul  Kench
Susan Owen
Karen Fisher
Investigating the controlling dynamics within social-ecological coastal systems: a computational modelling approach Allison, Andrew Mark Dickson
Karen Fisher
Simon Thrush
Naturalness', diversity and river health: what is river management for? Blue, Brendon Gary Brierley
Jay Gao
The role of artist's creative spatial practices in urban regeneration after disasters Boswell Cowie, Rachael Robin Kearns
JC Gaillard
Stop Disasters 2.0: Exploring Disaster Awareness through Video Games Gampell, Anthony JC Gaillard
Meg Parsons
Pathways towards Resilience in Franz Josef: A participatory approach Hore, Katherine JC Gaillard
Tim Davies
Can public intellectualism reignite Geography and reclaim the generative potential of a geography education? Howie, William Nick Lewis
Gretel Boswijk
Variability and trend of atmospheric water vapour flux over New Zealand and possible implications
for inter-annual rainfall variability
Li, Ning Chris de Freitas
Gilles Bellon
Melissa Bowen
Auckland's animal urban citizens -  non-human identity construction and animal place in Auckland Madden, Linda Robin Kearns
Ward Friesen
Acclimatising to higher densities in Auckland: Examining how young adult's living environments
influence their attitudes towards urban intensification
Opit, Simon Robin Kearns
Karen Witten
Investigation into discourses 'Western' women create when living in South Korea; to determine how globalisation/immigration influences cultural/location specific gender roles Roberts, Keryn Francis Collins
Ann Bartos
Auckland's Community markets: spaces of ethical consumption and retailing Sharp, Emma Ward Friesen
Nick Lewis
Francis Collins
Exploring children's geographies of poverty and privilege; understanding the differentiated lifeworlds, experiences and identities of children in Auckland Sparks, Hayley Francis Collins
Robin Kearns
Apicultural topologies Spiers, Roseanna Nick Lewis
Francis Collins
Wave shape at impact in front of a rocky cliff Thompson, Catriona  Mark Dickson
Giovanni Coco
Advancement in Reef island inundation modelling utilizing coupled geomorphology inundation models Tuck, Megan Murray Ford
Paul Kench
Applications of remote sensing related to impacts of global chlimate change on urban areas or natural resources Wang, Vincent/Jianan Jay Gao
Luitgard Schwendenmann
Structural and tectonic controls on epithermal Au-Ag mineralisation, southern Coromandel Volcanic Zone: insights from joint geological-geophysical interpretation and 3D stress modelling Bahiru, Engdawork Julie Rowland
Jennifer Eccles
Anthony Christie
Fabio Tontini
Multi-scale Characterization of New Zealand’s Coaly Source Rocks:Developing a Rock Physics Template for Improved Seismic Mapping and ReducedUncertainty in Future Exploration  Brennan, Steve Ludmila Adam
Lorna Strachan
Deciphering Volcano Seismic Signatures from Scaled Laboratory Models  Clarke, James

Ludmila Adam
Kasper van Wijik


Magmatic processes recorded in crystals from intraplate basalt volcanoes, Bay of Islands Volcanic Field Coote, Alisha Phil Shane
Shane Cronin
Structural geology of the Hauraki Goldfield De Paula Souza Zuquim, Mariana Julie Rowland
Kathleen Campbell
Fracture and mineral characterisation from geophysical well logs and core: Ngatamariki Geothermal Field Duran Quintero, Evert Kasper van Wijk
Ludmila Adam
Sinters as a dipstick for epithermal mineralisation Hamilton, Ayrton Kathleen Campbell
Julie Rowland
Shaun Baker
Diego Guido
Soil diffuse carbon dioxide flux in the Taupo volcanic zone Harvey, Mark Julie Rowland
Luitgard Schwendenmann
Scale and scenarios of pyroclastic eruption hazards of Tongariro Volcano, Central North Island, New Zealand Heinrich, Mirja Shane Cronin GEOLOGY
Tectonic and structural controls on heat and mass transfer in West Java with implication for geothermal exploration and development
Ismayanto, Ahmad Julie  Rowland
Jennifer Eccles
Sector-based Mapping and Statistical forecasting of Mass Flow hazards at Mount Taranaki, New Zealand Lerner, Geoffrey Shane Cronin
Michael Rowe
Gillian Turner, VUW
Jon Procter, Massey.
Dissociation of natural gas hydrates from natural causes and gas production: case studies on the Chatham Rise and Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand Oluwunmi, Paul Ingo Pecher
Rosalind Archer
Julie Rowland
Multi-method dating and high-resolution stratigraphy of Auckland maar records (spanning the last two glacial cycles) Peti, Leonie Paul Augustinus
Phil Shane
Structure and activity of the Hauraki Rift
Pickle, Robert Julie Rowland
Jennifer Eccles
Causes, Consequences and Risk Factors of Landslides in Viti Levu, Fiji Islands Ram, Arishma Shane Cronin, Martin Brook
Mark Dickson
Michael Petterson (SPC Geoscience, Suva, Fiji)
Tectonic evolution of the Whakatane Graben Scholz, Christopher Julie Rowland
Ingo Pecher
Understanding the processes involved in the de-gassing of steady-state volcanoes Simons, Ben Shane Cronin
Jennifer Eccles
Art Jolly, GNS Science, Ben Kennedy, U.Canterbury, Bruce Houghton U. Hawaii
Countdown to Eruption: Timescales of Magmatic Processes in the Crust Smid, Elaine Jan Lindsay
Michael Rowe
Joel Baker
Modelling Hazard Footprint and Consequences of Lava Flows in an Urban Environment Tsang, Sophia Jan Lindsay
Giovanni Coco
The generation and evolution of magma, and the formation and alteration of igneous rocks Wu, Jie Shane Cronin, Michael Rowe
John Wolff (Washington State), Marco Breana

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Programme Thesis Title
ENVSCI A Study of Near-surface Ozone Concentrations in the City of Auckland, New Zealand Adeeb,Farah
ENVSCI Vulnerability of Indigenous Forests in Changing Landscapes. Aleksa,Adriana Irene
ENVSCI Natal dispersal and range establishment behaviour of the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) characterised with advanced satellite telemetry. Blackie,Helen Margaret
ENVSCI Biomonitoring of Elemental Atmospheric Deposition with the Lichen, Parmotrema reticulatum, in the Greater Auckland Region of New Zealand Boamponsem,Louis Kwame
ENVSCI Assessment of Potentially Invasive Aquatic Plants under modified temperature conditions. Burnett,David Alexander
ENVSCI Value and price: a transdisciplinary approach to ecologically sustainable urban water management Creagh,Karen Kviberg
ENVSCI Many voices of the Manukau:
Participatory modelling, ecosystem services and decision making in New Zealand
Davies,Kathryn Kinsale
ENVSCI Decomposition of Litter from a Pinus radiata Plantation Forest, Considered as a Model "Two Component" Conifer-Broadleaf Forest Ecosystem Flynn,Sarah Megan
ENVSCI Aquaculture Potential of the New Zealand Shortfin (Anguilla australis) and Longfin Eel (A. dieffenbachii) Kearney,Michael Bruce
ENVSCI Performance of Lichen Species as Air Pollution Biomonitors in the Greater Auckland Urban Area, New Zealand Kularatne,Kiribathgodage Indrapriya Ajithalal
ENVSCI Remittances in the Face of Disaster: A Case Study of Samoa Le De,Loic
ENVSCI The effect of environmental factors on the dynamics of bacterial populations associated with coral colonies and the implications for holobiont health Lee,Tuan Meng
ENVSCI The spatio-temporal dynamics of four plant-functional types (PFTs) in alpine meadow as affected by human disturbance, Sanjiangyuan region, China Li,Xilai
ENVSCI An Abstract Micro Simulation of Gentrification: A case of Point Chevalier, Auckland Liu,Cheng
ENVSCI An Evaluation of Conservation Management Strategies in New Zealand; Kereru as a Case Study May,Stephanie
ENVSCI An Exploration of Collaborative Learning Spaces in the Quest for Agricultural Sustainability in New Zealand McEntee,Marie Josephine
ENVSCI The Role of Post-dispersal Regeneration Processes in Beilschmiedia tawa Forest Fragments, Waikato, Northern New Zealand Morales San Martin,Narkis Saul
ENVSCI Reconstruction of seed dispersal via modeling, seedling recruitment, and dispersal efficiency of Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae in Vitex lucens and Prumnopytis ferruginea in New Zealand Pegman,Andrew Paul McKenzie
ENVSCI Preserving Plurality: Valuing Community-Based Restoration in New Zealand Phipps,Hilary Lee
ENVSCI Integrated waste management Seadon,Jeffrey Keith
ENVSCI The Reconciliation of Introduced Species in New Zealand: Understandings from Three ‘Exceptional’ Case Studies Steer,Jamie Ernest Sherred
ENVSCI The potential of urban vegetation to mitigate local CO2 emissions Weissert,Lena Francesca
ENVSCI The behaviour of antimony in geothermal systems and their receiving environments Wilson,Nathaniel James
ENVSCI & GEOG The Late Quaternary palaeoclimate record in kauri tree rings Lorrey,Andrew Martin
ENVSCI & MARINE People as ecological participants in ecological restoration. Burke,Sarah Michele
ENVSCI & MARINE Natural Capital Restoration and Economic Efficiency Vesely,Eva-Terezia
GEOG Improving Prediction of Streamflow Response to Spatially-Distributed Vegetation Change: Exploring computer simulation Adams,Keith Norman
GEOG Exploring Spiritual Landscape in Sitka Alaska To Enhance Cross-Cultural Understanding Alexander,Jordan Marijana
GEOG Return Migration and Maori Identity in a Northland Community Andres,Ulrike Pia
GEOG The Good Citizen: Citizenship Education and Youth in Singapore Baars,Roger Cloud
GEOG Managing Cultural Heritage in "Natural" Protected Areas: Case studies of Rangitoto and Motutapu islands in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf Bade,David James Dacre Northcote
GEOG Housing qualities: Myths and meanings in Auckland, New Zealand Buckenberger,Corina Beatrix
GEOG Spatial and Temporal Topological Analysis of Landscape Structure using Graph Theory Cheung,Alan Kwok Lun
GEOG Envisioning Media Power: Television, Capital, Space. Christophers,Brett
GEOG Ageing-in-place on Waiheke Island, New Zealand: Experiencing 'place', 'being aged' and implications for wellbeing Coleman,Tara Michelle
GEOG Learning to Cross Borders: Everyday Urban Encounters between South Korea and Auckland. Collins,Francis Leo
GEOG Insects in Mountainous Landscapes: Implications of Landscape Context and Climate Change Damken,Claas
GEOG A Climatological Study of Tropical Cyclones in the Southwest Pacific Ocean Basin Diamond,Howard Jeffrey
GEOG Evolution of Prograded Coastal Barriers in Northern New Zealand Dougherty,Amy Jenelle
GEOG The Power of Place in Play: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Seasonal Outdoor Play Practices in Auckland Children's Geographies Ergler,Christina Rebekka
GEOG Visualising continuous intra-landscape isolation for brushtail possums using least-cost modelling Etherington,Thomas Richard
GEOG Sedimentological Implications of Durability and Physical Taphonomic Processes on a Fringing Reef, Lizard Island, Australia Ford,Murray Robert
GEOG Towards deliberative environmental governance: Rethinking participation Gorter,Rendt Simon
GEOG Co-learning and co-producing sustainable development: the possibilities of enactive social science. Greenaway,Alison Joyce
GEOG Enabling sustainable river futures: Exploring institutional interventions Gregory,Claire Elizabeth
GEOG A Quantitative Analysis of Korean Residential Clusters in Auckland: A methodological investigation Hong,Seong Yun
GEOG Constructing and Mediating Spatial Relationships in French Winegrowing: The Burgundian Example. Kelly,Steven Cedric
GEOG Detailed urban land-cover mapping using a data fusion procedure Kokje,Amit Arvind
GEOG The Influence of Landscape Connectivity upon Channel Adjustments and Sediment Flux in a Dynamic Bedrock River System, the Liwu Basin, Taiwan Kuo,Cheng-Wei
GEOG Placing the lived experience(s) of TB in a refugee community in Auckland, New Zealand. Lawrence,Jody Frances
GEOG Return Migration of young Korean New Zealanders: Transnational journeys of reunification & estrangement Lee,Yeon Jae
GEOG Using a Hybrid Model for Investigating Residential Segregation: An Empirical and Simulation-based Study Mahdavi Ardestani,Babak
GEOG A dendroecological reconstruction of storm events in the forests of central and southern North Island, New Zealand: 1300-2000 AD Martin,Timothy James
GEOG Representing vague, dynamic objects in geographic information systems. McDowall,Christopher William
GEOG ACCESSING THE IN BETWEEN: The conditions of possiblity emerging from interactions with information and communications technologies in Auckland, New Zealand Mitchell,Phillipa Marlis
GEOG Residential property developers in urban agent-based models: Competition, behaviour and the resulting spatial landscape Morgan,Fraser John
GEOG Moving on the margins: emotional geographies of HIV in Auckland, New Zealand Myers,Jason Michael
GEOG Wave Characteristics and Transformations on Sub-Horizontal (Type B)
Shore Platforms on the East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand
GEOG The Climate Of New Zealand Reconstructed From Kauri Tree Rings: Enhancement Through The Use Of Novel Statistical Methodology Pirie,Maryann Ruth
GEOG A Catchment Framed, Process Based Approach to Analysis of the Evolutionary Trajectory of the Tongariro River Reid,Helen Elizabeth
GEOG A Diatom Stable Isotope Paleolimnology of Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New Zealand Stephens,Thomas William
GEOG Sustainability in Karst Resources Management: The Case of the Gunung Sewu in Java Sunkar,Arzyana
GEOG Taking Power in a Crisis: New Zealand's Electricity Reforms. Thomson,Margaret Jillian
GEOG Research supervision practices in New Zealand postgraduate geography: capacity-capability potentialities Trafford,Julie Anne
GEOG The Fisheries' Trinity: Re-conceptualising New Zealand's Inshore Fisheries Management Walshe,Kim Andrew Robert
GEOG Economic Governance for a Globalising Auckland? Political Projects, Institutions and Policy Wetzstein,Steffen
GEOG Challenging Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Urban Stormwater Management Winz,Ines
GEOG Optimising Representational Mix in Multi-Representational Geo-Visualisation Contexts Zhao,Jinfeng
GEOLOGY The Nature of Sensitivity in Rhyolitic Pyroclastic Soils from New Zealand Arthurs,James Melvin
GEOLOGY Geochemical Proxies for Environmental Change in Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New Zealand Atkin,Daniel Robert Edward
GEOLOGY Geochemical Development of the Late Cenozoic Arc Volcanism in Northland and the Coromandel, and Implications for Geochemical Exploration in the Hauraki Goldfield Booden,Mathijs Adriaan
GEOLOGY Deciphering the 4-D geological framework of the Taupo-Reporoa Basin: Implications for deep hydrothermal fluid flow and volcanism Downs,Drew Tyler
GEOLOGY Insights into post-caldera rhyolite magma production of the Okataina Volcanic Centre: The Mangaone Subgroup Doyle,Louise Rowan
GEOLOGY Mesozoic Crinoidea (Echinodermata: Articulata) of New Zealand and New Caledonia and the Impact of the Cretaceous / Tertiary Extinction Event upon Faunas Eagle,Michael Kevin
GEOLOGY Megabeds: Emplacement Mechanics of Large-Volume Event Beds Fildes,Christine Tracy
GEOLOGY The Evolution of the Darajat Geothermal System West Java - Indonesia Herdianita,Niniek Rina
GEOLOGY Timescales and Processes of Island Arc Magmatism: A Case Study from Dominica, Lesser Antilles Howe,Tracy Marie
GEOLOGY A Multi-Disciplinary Study to Quantify Terroir in Central Otago and Waipara Pinot Noir Vineyards Imre,Stephen Paul
GEOLOGY Physical and structural controls on monogenetic basaltic volcanism, and implications for the evolution of the Auckland Volcanic Field Le Corvec,Nicolas
GEOLOGY Diagenesis of Siliceous Sinter Deposits in the U.S.A and New Zealand. Lynne,Bridget Yvonne
GEOLOGY Melting processes in small basaltic systems: the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand McGee,Lucy Emma
GEOLOGY Monogenetic volcanism in the western Arabian Peninsula: Insights from Late Quaternary eruptions in northern Harrat Rahat, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Murcia Agudelo,Hugo Fernando
GEOLOGY Geochemistry of magnetite from hydrothermal ore deposits and host rocks - Case studies from the Proterozoic Belt Supergroup, Cu-Mo-porphyry + skarn and Climax-Mo deposits in the western United States Nadoll,Patrick
GEOLOGY Salt Marsh Foraminiferal Proxy Record of Late Holocene Sea-Level Rise, South Island, New Zealand Orioli Figueira,Brigida
GEOLOGY Improving probabilistic hazard forecasts in volcanic fields: Application to Harrat Rahat, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Runge,Melody Gwyneth
GEOLOGY Plio-Pleistocene Bryozoan Faunas of the Wanganui Basin, New Zealand. Rust,Seabourne
GEOLOGY A Taxonomic and Palaeobiogeographic Study of the Fossil Fauna of Miocene Hydrocarbon Seep Deposits, North Island, New Zealand Saether,Kristian Plaxton
GEOLOGY Crystallisation history of rhyolite magmas at Tarawera volcano, New Zealand, from in-situ 238U-230Th disequilibrium dating and trace element geochemistry of zircon Storm,Sonja
GEOLOGY Exploring the potential of probabilistic Bayesian event tree tools for volcanic hazard analysis, risk assessment, and hazard and risk communication in New Zealand Thompson,Mary Anne
GEOLOGY Hydrothermal Alteration and the Evolution of the Lahendong Geothermal System, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Utami,Pri
GEOLOGY Cenozoic record of elongate, cylindrical, deep-sea benthic foraminifera in the Southern and North Pacific Oceans, and the impact of the early Eocene global warming events Van Kerckhoven,Liesbeth M K
GEOLOGY Towards a Tephra Framework for the Auckland Maar Lake Sediments and the Potential of Applying Cryptotephra Techniques Zawalna-Geer,Aleksandra