School of Environment

Honorary staff

The School of Environment comprises a team of more than 40 academics, 20 highly qualified technical and administrative staff and a lively postgraduate and undergraduate community.

Name Position Research interest Email
Alloway, Brent
Honorary Academic  

Special expertise in Quaternary stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, climate change, landscape evolution, soil-geomorphic relationships, volcanic & coastal hazard mapping/assessment, the characterisation and mapping of soils and cover-bed deposits, and geochronology
Aslam, Mohamed   Honorary Academic
Ministry of Environment in the Maldives
Barker, Simon Honorary Academic Volcanology, geochemistry, petrology
Barraclough, Rosemary Honorary Academic
Browne, Pat
Honorary Academic
Drake, Bryan   Honorary Research Associate Special interest in active and extinct hydrothermal systems
Grant-Mackie, Jack Honorary Research Associate Macropaleontology
Hayward, Bruce Honorary Academic   Geologist/foraminiferal micropaleontologist / marine ecologist / Holocene sea-level reconstruction
Hochstein, Manfred Honorary Research Associate Geophysics of Geothermal Systems
Horton, Peter Honorary Professor
Horrocks, Mark Honorary Research Associate Quaternary palynology, Ethnobotany, Forensic palynology
Lee, Jane   Honorary Academic   Migration and Mobilities
Lorrey, Andrew   Honorary Academic Background in climate science, palaeoclimatology, dendroclimatology, glacial geology and geomorphology
McGregor, Glenn   Honorary Academic   Synoptic Climatology,Biometeorology, Hydroclimatology, Climate and society interactions
Mitchell, Neil Honorary Academic   Restoration ecology and species-climate interactions
Montanaro, Cristian Honorary Academic
Paolini, Leo
Honorary Academic
Simmons, Stuart Honorary Academic      
Smith, Ian
Honorary Associate Professor Igneous Petrology, Volcanology
Smith, Willie
Honorary Academic
Sporli, Bernhard Honorary Research Associate Structural Geology, Tectonics
Toy, Virginia Honorary Academic
Vogeler, Iris Honorary Academic Extensive experience in deterministic modelling of nutrient/pollutant fate in soil/plant/water atmosphere, waste water disposal, deficit irrigation, Green House Gas modelling, Farm Systems Modelling, Precision agriculture, statistical analysis, Multi-Agent Simulation Modelling, team leadership
Williams, Helen Honorary Academic