School of Environment

Administrative and technical staff

The School of Environment comprises a team of more than 40 academics, 20 highly qualified technical and administrative staff and a lively postgraduate and undergraduate community.

The School of Environment Subject Librarian

The University of Auckland subject librarian for the School of Environment is responsible for helping academic staff and students access and manage information resources efficiently and effectively. Please contact Joanne if you need help accessing information within the wider learning, teaching and research environments.

Adminstrative and technical staff

Name Position Email Location Phone
+64 9 373 7599
Abrego, Natalia   Environmental Chemistry Technician B302 room 731 ext 82433
Anderson, Sandra Field Ecologist SBS ext 87214
Arcila, Andres Lapidiary and Sedimentary Laboratory Services B301 room B039 ext 87417
Cotterall, Louise Draughting, Computer Graphics, Photography B302 room 531 ext 88035
Gnaniah, Kamalini Financial Administrator B302 room 640 ext 87987
Hall, Brendan Field and Instrument Technician B302 room 433 ext 84562
Ahmed, Simrin Group Services Administrator B302 room 620a ext 88465
Hudson, Neville Collections Manager B302 room 531 ext 87431
Chen, Charlie
Facilities Coordinator B302 room 620a ext 85954
Lee, Min-Young Academic Services Team Leader B302 room 630 ext 88343

Pitcaithly, Lynda

Group Services Manager B302 room 617 ext 88063
Qasim, Ilyas Technician B301 room 441 ext 89164
Simcock, Anna-Marie Group Services Coordinator B302 room 630 ext 88439
Simons, Joanne Subject Librarian Engg. B402 room 429 ext 88452
Sowman, Blair Technical Manager B302 room 415 ext 84128
Tablizo, Rene Accountant B302 room 640 ext 85149
Wackrow, David Technician B302 room 433 ext 81396
Wade, Tim Academic Services Coordinator B302 room 630 ext 85923
Yong, Colin Technical Officer, Geophysics B302 room 731 ext 88860