School of Environment

Academic staff

The School of Environment comprises a team of academics, highly qualified technical and administrative staff and a lively postgraduate and undergraduate community.

Name Position Research interest Email Location Phone
+64 9 373 7599
Hayward, David Professional Teaching Fellow Economic geography (regional economic analysis and development), Commodity chains and international trade B302 room 563 ext 88454
Adam, Ludmila Senior Lecturer Geophysics, rock physics, seismic methods and geophysical well logging, fluid-rock interactions. B301 room 427b ext 86458
Augustinus, Paul Associate Professor Quaternary paleoclimates, Glacial geomorphology in Antarctica and Australasia, Long-term landscape evolution B302 room 719 ext 87603
Baker, Tom Lecturer Human Geography B302 room 459 ext 88554
Baker, Joel Professor Geochemistry and cosmochemistry; solar system formation; igneous and volcanic geochemistry; paleoclimatology and paleoceanography; environmental chemistry B301 room 527a ext 83034
Bartos, Annie Lecturer Cultural, political and environmental geography, feminist political geography, children and youth geographies, environmental education for sustainability B302 room 413 ext 82571
Black, Philippa Professor, Emeritus Mineralogy, Metamorphic Petrology B302 room 530 ext 87560
Blue, Lyndsay Senior Tutor Environmental management, Cultural ecology in South West Pacific, Bridging education B302 room 461
ext 88443
Boswijk, Gretel Senior Lecturer Dendrochronology, Dendroarchaeology,
Environmental change B302 room 565 ext 83886
Bowen, Melissa Senior Lecturer Wind-driven ocean variability, South Pacific Ocean boundary currents and mesoscale variability, satellite oceanography, stirring and dispersion in the ocean, estuarine dynamics B301 room 529b ext 89037
Brierley, Gary Professor of Physical Geography Fluvial geomorphology, River rehabilitation, Water resources management B302 room 717 ext 88956
Brook, Martin Senior Lecturer   Engineering geology, environmental change, engineering geophysics B302 room 713 ext 88917
Campbell, Kathy Professor Paleoecology, Paleoenvironments, Sedimentology B301 room 435 ext 87418
Coco, Giovanni Associate Professor Geomorphology, Physical Oceanography, Coastal and Estuarine processes, Complexity and Pattern Formation, Machine Learning B302 room 559 ext 88367
Coombes, Brad Senior Lecturer Resource and environmental management, Indigenous participation in conservation, Sustainability and environmental justice B301 room 529a ext 88455
Cronin, Shane Professor   Volcanic geology and physical volcanology, including volcanic hazard and the interaction between volcanism, the environment, agriculture and communities. Volcanic geology and hazard studies in New Zealand, the Southwest Pacific, Indonesia, Korea, as well as Saudi Arabia and parts of Europe. Natural hazard and risk education and communication, including traditional practices related to volcanism and disaster mitigation B302 room 417 ext 86795
Dickson, Mark Associate Professor Coastal processes; Geomorphic modelling; Rock and gravel coasts; Coastal management B302 room 469 ext 88329
Eccles, Jennifer Senior Lecturer Seismology, tectonophysics, scientific drilling, marine and exploration geophysics B302 room 735 ext 88092
Fagan, Joe Senior Tutor Coastal Geomorphology, Interactions between land & sea, Ecotourism B302 room 525 ext 85381
Fisher, Karen Senior Lecturer Environmental management; Water governance; Participatory development; Development and the environment B301 room 509 ext 88410
Ford, Murray Senior Lecturer Coral reefs, coastal processes, remote sensing. B301 room 507 ext 86309
Fowler, Anthony Associate Professor Climate change, Hydroclimatology, Climate impact assessment, Dendroclimatology B302 room 463 ext 85380
Friesen, Ward Associate Professor Economic, population and urban geographies; Migration, ethnicity and identity; Development and livelihoods; Tourism; Pacific Islands B302 room 475 ext 88612
Gaillard, JC Associate Professor Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Participatory tools for DRR, Ethnicity and DRR, Gender and DRR, Armed conflicts and DRR, Post-disaster Resettlement B301 room 429a ext 89679
Gao, Jay Associate Professor Geographic information systems, Remote sensing and image analysis, Spatial analysis B301 room 531a ext 85184
Kah, Melanie Senior Lecturer Environmental science group with interests in environmental chemistry B302 room 471 ext 85829
Kearns, Robin Professor The cultural politics of place, Health geography, Research design and ethics B302 room 561 ext 88442
Kench, Paul


Coastal processes, Coral reefs, Coastal management    
Kenedi, Kate Research Fellow Vulcanology, volcanic hazard and risk, geoscience education and communication B302 room 541 ext 84632
Lamarche, Geoffroy Associate Professor B302 room 733  
Le Heron, Richard Professor Policy and governance in New Zealand’s agri-food economy, Globalisation, governmentality and geography, Supply chain realignment and competitive repositioning, Globalising dairy industry, Nature-society relations, Discourses and practices of sustainability, Post-structuralist political economy, Sites of research-led learning, Learning regions, networks and governance B302 room 465 ext 88453
Lewis, Nicolas Associate Professor Neo-liberalism as governmentality, Political economy and political geography, Governance and the making of industries, Geographies of education, The New Zealand wine and fashion industries, The political economy of the small islands in the Pacific B301 room 434 ext 88214
Lindsay, Jan Associate Professor Volcanology, Volcanic Hazards B302 room 557 ext 88678
Martin, Michael E. Lecturer GIScience, Qualitative GIS, GeoAI, Digital Volunteerism, Health GIS, Critical GIS B302 room 419 ext 83129
McEntee, Marie Senior Tutor Science Communication, Agricultural Extension, social Learning for Sustainable Resource Management, Participatory Research B302 room 437 ext 82499
Moran, Warren Professor, Emeritus Regional processes and policy, Rural activity systems, Place as intellectual property, Wine industry B302 room 530 ext 85320
Murphy, Laurence
Professor   Dynamics of globalisation and urban change. Socio-economic impacts of changing residential property markets (public housing and homeownership). Role of finance capital and institutional dynamics in the development of commercial property markets. The nature of urban governance and urban dynamics. B302 room 521 ext 88631
O'Connor, Barry Professional Teaching Fellow Micropaleontology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology B301 room 429b ext 88638
Parsons, Meg Lecturer Climate change adaptation, climate policy, social justice and environmental justice, environmental management, indigenous geographies, and the history and philosophy of science B302 room 473 ext 89263
Pecher, Ingo Senior Lecturer Marine geophysics, high-resolution seismic, gas hydrates, shallow gas, fluid flow B301 room 436 ext 83245
Perry, George Professor Vegetation dynamics and plant ecology, Landscape ecology, Environmental modelling, Spatial statistics and spatial analysis B302 room 457 ext 84599
Richards, Nick Professional Teaching Fellow Engineering and environmental geology, slope stability and geomorphology, soil mechanics B302 room 439 ext 85286
Rowe, Michael Senior Lecturer Geochemistry, subduction to intraplate Volcanism, exsolution of Trace metals and fluids from magmas, volcanology/volcanic hazards, igneous petrology, economic geology B301 room 438 ext 86682
Rowland, Julie Associate Professor Structural Geology, Tectonics B302 room 751 ext 87412
Ryan, Emma   Research Fellow Coral Reef Geomorphology, Coastal Processes, Coastal Hazards, Coastal Management
B302 room 435 ext 83919
Salmond, Jenny Associate Professor Urban air pollution, urban meterology, boundary layer meterology, meso-scale flows B301 room 527b ext 88650
Schwendenmann, Luitgard Associate Professor Carbon and nutrient cycling, ecosystem functioning, tropical ecosystems, stable isotopes, ecohydrology, global change l.schwendenmann
B302 room 425 ext 84301
Shane, Phil Associate Professor Quaternary Geology, Volcanology B302 room 737 ext 87083
Sila-Nowicka, Katarzyna Lecturer B301.429a  
Simon, Kevin Associate Professor Freshwater and ecosystem ecology, watershed biogeochemistry, human influence on lakes and streams B302 room 715 ext 82679
Strachan, Lorna Senior Lecturer Sedimentology B301 room 439 ext 83522
Sutton, Philip   Senior Lecturer B302 room 733  
Thompson, Mary Anne
Research Fellow   Volcanic hazards and the communication pathways that connect hazard scientists, decision makers and the public B302 room 725 ext 87173
Trowsdale, Sam Senior Lecturer Urban Hydrology; Water and Society; Water Sensitive Urban Design; Positive Impact Living B301 room 433 ext 88710
Tunnicliffe, Jon Lecturer Fluvial Geomorphology,
Hydraulics and sediment transport modelling, Sediment budgets and the long-term evolution of fluvial systems, Environmental geophysics,
Quaternary geochronology, Environmental impact assessment B302 room 749 ext 82320
Wall, Melanie Senior Tutor Race, culture, difference, Maori identity, youth, music, everyday life B301 room 508 ext 87949
Weller, Evan Lecturer Climate variability, detection and attribution of climatic changes, climate extremes and the associated impacts, and the response of the major modes of climate variability to climate change. B301 room 531b ext 84856
Williams, Paul Professor, Emeritus Geomorphology (karst, tectonic, China, South Pacific), Hydrology (karst, urban), Environmental B302 room 530 ext 88459
Wilmshurst, Janet Associate Professor Palaeoecology; human impacts; extinctions; fire history; environmental change; vegetation change; subantarctic islands.    
Yoon, Hong-key Associate Professor Cultural geography, Cultural attitudes to the environment, East Asia, Ethnic mosaic in Auckland B302 room 567 ext 88466