"Communication About SocioScientific IssueS" - PhD Opportunity

CASSIS (Communication About SocioScientific IssueS) is the focus of a research group based in Europe and New Zealand. The New Zealand group is based at the Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland. This group has won funding from the European Union Marie Curie Actions International Research Staff Exchange Scheme to share research time between researchers based in Southampton University; Institute of Education, University of London; and the Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique in Toulouse.

The research is focusing on providing research-informed strategies to enhance communication about the socioscientific issue of control of pest animals in agriculture. For example, the control of possums in New Zealand, badger cull in the UK and re-introduction of bears and wolves into the Pyrenees in order to improve ecosystem diversity. Such issues involve perceptions of risk, views of nature and the problem of ‘voice’ when different groups are attempting to communicate.

There is space in the Auckland group for one more doctoral student. This research would appeal to someone interested in the role of IT in science communication. The successful student will spend a month in Toulouse in July 2014 and Southampton in January 2016. Travel and living expenses will be covered. During the four years of this exchange, the student will not only be guided by at least one member of the Auckland team, but have access to the mentoring and thinking of the six senior academics involved in the exchange. The student would be expected to contribute to the research papers and conferences planned as part of their developing doctoral project.

Please contact Associate Professor Bev France for further details.
Email: b.france@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: 09 623 8899 xtn 48439