School of Environment Research into Kauri Dieback

20 May 2013

A number of the School's academics are making valuable contributions to our scientific understanding of how to control the deadly Kauri disease - Kauri Dieback. 

Hear what they had to say in this podcast of a recent article on the National programme's Our Changing World.

In this Our Changing World special feature on kauri dieback disease Alison Ballance joins Nick Waipara, head of the multi-agency Kauri Dieback programme, at Colin McCahon House in West Auckland and then heads into the forest and the lab to meet scientists (School of Environment's Dr George Perry and Dr Luitgard Schwendenmann and SBS's Dr Bruce Burns and past MSc student Monique Wheat)  who are striving to understand the organism, searching for possible control agents and cures, and investigating the impact of wide-scale kauri deaths on the ecology of our native forests.