Masters student wins award

13 March 2013


Congratulations to School of Environment Masters student Roseanna Spiers who has won a Kate Edger Masters Degree Award, one of two awarded each year to students across the university.

The award reflects Roseanna’s outstanding performance in her Honours year.

The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust annually funds a number of awards aimed at providing women with financial assistance for retraining and for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Roseanna who is studying for a Master of Arts in Geography describes her research...

"My MA in Geography focuses on how the everyday practices of beekeepers and the apiary industry in New Zealand shape and are shaped by the coalescing of diverse bodies and meanings. The materiality of timespace and place emerge and are challenged through cutting-together and apart within these lively relationalities.

‘ibee’ is proposed here as a Frankensteinian research assistant and draws on feminist posthuman cyborg experiments. As a diffractive subject-object, ibee is both a tool for data collection and analysis, and a methodology. From within it I attempt to tactually explore apiary as a biological economy.

I hope to invite a meaningful story of rich empirical dissonance and dis/continuity that allows for eclectic method and mortal ‘ologies’, as well as the smoky taste of honey ripped from the comb."