Two of the School's Geologists Receive Recognition

25 January 2013

Dr Philippa Black (Emeritus Professor) was recently elected as a companion to the Institution of Professional Engineers (IRENZ). This award largely recognises Professor Black’s work on earth materials and clay mineralogy, and her association (in a supportive capacity) with Civil engineers working on major infra-structural projects. This recognition is normally awarded to qualified engineers, so it is an honour that the Institution of Professional Engineers has recognised the geological contribution made by Professor Black.


Senior Lecturer in Sedimentology Dr Lorna Strachan, has been recognised by SEPM – the Society for Sedimentology Geology, by being appointed its Global Ambassador for New Zealand. As SEPM representatives, these Ambassadors, help to spread the word about SEPM, its benefits and mission, and to actively help SEPM to work with local societies to help foster sedimentary geology. The Ambassadors along with the SEPM International Councilor, help the Society to be a global partner with its members and sister societies around the world.  Find out more about Lorna's research.