PhD Student Wins Geosciences Conference Poster Award

29 November 2012


Congratulations to PhD geology candidate Christine Fildes whose poster won the top prize for a student poster at the Geosciences 12 Conference which was held recently at Waikato University.

The poster, featured in the picture on the right, is titled 'A review of megabeds within the deep-water sediment gravity flow spectrum: using the Waitemata Basin, New Zealand as a case study'.

Christine's research uses the Miocene Waitemata Basin in New Zealand as a case study to investigate megabeds which as her poster states are "thought to be deposits of very large volume sediment gravity flows that are found in deep-water basins world-wide. Other than implication of size, megabeds are poorly defined with very little known about their flow processes and deposition."

The research compared field-based data from the Waitemata Basin with what is known in the literature to understand the complexity of flow processes which produce megabeds.

You can find out more about Christine's PhD research.