School of Environment Orientation

28 February 2012


On Friday February 24th, the School of Environment (ENV) hosted its annual orientation welcome for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

The day began with the Postgraduate Orientation, where over 50 of our postgraduate students starting in 2012, listened to a variety of presentations from staff about life in the school as a postgraduate.  Students then joined staff in the Human Sciences Common Room for a pizza lunch.

Undergraduates also found out about life in the school later in the afternoon.  Professor Glenn McGregor welcomed them to the school before joining other staff (identified by their bright green teeshirts) in the HSB Quad for an informal BBQ cooked by students from the GA Association (our student club).  Students spent the time talking with staff and connecting with other students from their majors - easily identified by their coloured "I'm green with enV" stickers (red for geology, green for environmental science and yellow for geography).

We welcome all our students and wish you all the best for your studies this year.