Geography graduate crews voyaging canoe

18 April 2011


Simon Ngawhika, who completed a BA (Hons) in Geography and was Kaiawhina and key member of our Tuakana team, is a crew member on one of five Te Mana o Te Moana vaka, about to embark on a sailing voyage from New Zealand to Hawaii. They are currently moored in the Viaduct Basin, waiting for the storm to pass, and hope to leave on Tuesday 19 April. We wish Simon and all crews a safe journey.

About the voyage

The name of the voyage "Te Mana o Te Moana", which translates as "The Spirit of the Sea", was chosen to contribute to the wisdom of the Polynesian ancestors who loved and respected the sea. Several thousand years ago, the Polynesian ancestors traveled the Pacific on great voyaging canoes, called vaka moana, using only the stars, the ocean, and the surrounding wildlife to navigate, and lived closely connected to the sea. In crossing the Pacific from Aotearoa to Hawaii, we aim to sail in the ancestors' wake and learn from their wisdom. We want to teach young people about this old bond with the sea.

More detail about the purpose of the vaka voyage and day-to-day progress can be found at: