Rethinking water at the School of Environment

04 April 2011


On March 24, a group of postgraduates in the School of Environment convened a half-day interdisciplinary workshop on ‘The Future of River Management in New Zealand’. Physical geographers, human geographers, environmental scientists, engineers and GIS experts came together to discuss the role of research practice in river management, and to consider how geographical perspectives can contribute to the governance of rivers in NZ. The workshop began with an introduction to the broad themes of biophysical science, governing practices and sociocultural values, and then participants split into small groups to discuss each of themes in detail. When the group reconvened at the end of the workshop, it was clear that we had begun to think differently about these issues. Themes such as difference, diversity, dynamicism, and the use of tools had crossed multiple groups which generated conversations and development of understandings across disciplinary boundaries. The initiative was the first step of the process, with another workshop planned for May to further build and consolidate ideas generated from this workshop. We thank the School, its staff and students for their support, and we look forward to continuing these discussions in May!

Organizing postgraduates include Brendon Blue, Claire Gregory, Marc Tadaki, Helen Reid, Kiely McFarlane and Petra van Limburg-Meijer

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