School of Environment


  • Funding to investigate potential seismic sources in Auckland
    06 April 2018
    Dr Jennifer Eccles has been awarded a Planet Earth Fund grant from the Scientia Trust to investigate potential seismic sources in Auckland.
  • Building more houses does not make them affordable
    21 March 2018
    Professor Laurence Murphy says relying on simply building more houses is not an effective pathway to generating affordable housing as the market is very good at producing market prices. He discusses the challenges of Special Housing Areas with NBR.
  • Drones will be used to investigate Auckland's big landslide threats as part of EQC-funded study
    11 March 2018
    Dr Martin Brook will be will using drones to take a closer look at how land is moving on 10 slopes in different parts of Auckland. Detailed images captured by the drones will be fed into software that creates 3D models of the ground and compared to laser-generated Lidar data, revealing how much the ground has shifted.
  • Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society
    09 March 2018
    The Postdoctoral Society is going from strength to strength since their inaugural research symposium in 2016.
  • Researchers find that Tuvalu is growing
    15 February 2018
    With sea levels rising dramatically as a result of climate change, low-lying Tuvalu is often considered to be sinking. But a team of researchers from the University of Auckland have found that it has actually grown. Listen to Dr Murray Ford's interview with Radio NZ.
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Programme Grant Success
    01 December 2017
    Congratulations to Professor Kathy Campbell, Dr Pedram Hekmati and Dr Agnieszka Leszczynski on being awarded grants as overseas Partner Investigators from the Australian Research Council Discovery Programme round.
  • Between a rock and a good place
    30 November 2017
    Professor Kathy Campbell’s prestigious election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in October 2016 is the culmination of a lifetime’s passion for geology, and a strong drive to communicate her love and understanding of science to the world.
  • Southern seas warming faster than northern New Zealand
    08 November 2017
    Three of the longest-running sea temperature records in the Southern Hemisphere have been analysed by scientists and show that while coastal waters near Auckland are not getting any warmer, southern New Zealand and Tasmania are.
  • Major funding boost for Science at University of Auckland
    02 November 2017
    Thirteen research projects across mathematics, computer science, cosmology, astrobiology, biological sciences, statistics, chemistry and psychology are funded with $8,778,000 from the Marsden Fund for 2017.
  • Join 233 cities in Climathon
    20 October 2017
    The University of Auckland is hosting Auckland's first ever Climathon over 24 hours on 27 October. Read Dr Cate Macinnis-Ng's blog about the impact of climate change on our native forests.
  • Keeping islands clean with litter art
    13 October 2017
    Dr Marie McEntee and Joe Fagan From the School of Environment are leading a project with Aotea (Great Barrier Island) locals and schools to clean up beaches, analyse the rubbish and create art from it.
  • Distinction awards presented to top environment researchers
    09 October 2017
    The School of Environment hosted its annual Research Distinction Awards to celebrate the work of environment researchers, with awards for outstanding publications, theses, early career contributions and research communication.
  • PhD Research showcase a success
    02 October 2017
    The School of Environment hosted its annual PhD Research Showcase on 28 September to celebrate research currently ongoing within the School.
  • Major new investment in University of Auckland Science
    13 September 2017
    A handheld skin cancer diagnostic device and a project to explore how underwater sound can influence beer fermentation are just two of eight University of Auckland Faculty of Science research projects to be awarded funding from this year’s Endeavour Fund.
  • Life in the big city – free public lecture series
    22 August 2017
    Do cyclists breathe easier on one side of a cycleway barrier than another? How much difference do trees really make to air quality? What happens when we bury natural streams beneath concrete and asphalt? How hard is it for native species to survive in cities?
  • In memoriam: Dr Chris de Freitas, former Deputy Dean of Science (1948-2017)
    11 July 2017
    Dr Christopher Rhodes de Freitas (1948 to 2017) has passed away in Auckland, New Zealand on 5 July 2017, following a two-year struggle with cancer.
  • Joint appointment with NIWA
    16 June 2017
    Associate Professor Geoffroy Lamarche has begun a joint appointment with NIWA and the School of Environment.
  • Royal surprise for emerging researcher
    12 June 2017
    The Royal Geographical Society in London has recognised a University of Auckland PhD student as a leading new researcher in the field of geography.
  • Work on the Alpine Fault by Faculty of Science researchers is published in Nature
    26 May 2017
    Researchers from the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Science, who were part of the team involved in the South Island’s Deep Fault Drilling Project, have had their results published in prestigious international journal, Nature, this month.
  • Revived interest in space exploration
    06 December 2016
    Our own Professor Kathleen Campbell is interviewed on the Paul Henry Show by Mark Sainsbury about Russia's plans to ramp up its efforts to land a dozen cosmonauts on the moon.