Research Seminar: Men in Sheds Event as iCalendar

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08 March 2016

2 - 3pm

Venue: HSB 201N - 731

Location: Symonds Street

Host: The School of Environment

Contact info: Professor Robin Kearns

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‘Men say they’re fine and then they drop dead.’ Creating space for the performance of masculinities in old age

Christine Milligan, Centre for Ageing Research, Lancaster University, UK.

First developed in Australia, the ‘Men in Sheds’ phenomenon has grown rapidly across the UK and Ireland. Initially perceived as sites of further education and training for older men, there is increasing recognition of their potential benefits for health and wellbeing. But what is it about Mens’ Sheds that differs from other community-based social groups that tend to become dominated by women? Drawing on Connell’s (1987) conceptualisation of masculinity as a social construction dependent on place, culture and time, this paper discusses the Men’s Sheds movement in the UK to consider: i) how older men construct and play out masculinities within Shed settings; and ii) whether Sheds, as created and gendered therapeutic landscapes, hold any real potential for the maintenance of their health and wellbeing.