Inaugural Cumberland Lecture: Turning the University Inside Out ? Event as iCalendar


15 September 2016

5 - 6pm

Venue: MLT3 Lecture Theatre 303-301

Location: 38 Princes Street

Host: School of Environment

Discussions of the so-called ‘neoliberal university’ tend to focus on how the commercialisation of academic knowledge is affecting research, university missions and the boundaries of public universities.  In such discussions attention is drawn to processes of marketisation, the ever increasing encroachment of ‘audit culture’, and the rise of competitive academic subjectivities.  This paper argues the picture is more complicated than is often assumed, and demonstrates the need for a more expansive focus on the multiple modes of contact between academic, policy and practitioner worlds.  It identifies the new knowledge forms that are emerging, and explores the implications of new kinds of value generating labour.   It concludes by asking what these changes mean for academic spaces and subjectivities.  

Following the presentation drinks and nibbles will be provided at 302 Level 6 break out space